On early mornings

By 14th August 2020 September 17th, 2020 No Comments

Every morning with this one, when it’s quiet. The suns just coming up and London is quiet. No cars or helicopters or pedistrians. It’s cool (thank goodness), and quiet.

It’s in these early moments I wonder what kind of day we’re going to have. Will there be smiles today? Will he be awake and alert and want to play? Will there be Seizures? Vomits? Recovery naps that span hours and hours and hours?

I don’t know, yet. Right now he’s still sleeping, still cuddled in close and he’s peaceful.

Today is meant to be less hot (hopefully!), though we’ve been managing quite well with the heat (thanks for all the suggestions re: a cool mat. We were lucky, a very kind neighbour ran down to our local and picked one up. They’re magic, aren’t they?) but we’re all done being uncomfortable and sticky. We’ll see.

Another day in isolation (were Day 152 today). Onwards we go.

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