What we’re up to… May 19, 2024 at 12:24PM

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Introducing another book! Where is the purple car? This one is for our car loving toddler (though, to be honest, he pretty much loves anything that moves 🤣). It’s a cute book for small kids, with a lot of repetition and opposites vocab.

It’s not yet available in multiple languages, but will be soon available in French, Spanish and Welsh! If there’s a language you want to see it in, let us know and we’ll prioritise your requested language 🙂

“Where is the purple racing car?” the first in a series (spoiler: diggers are coming soon!) and as always, all the royalties go to NKH Research and helping support kids with NKH. We’re making a difference, one book at a time!

Available on Amazon: amzn.to/3UMdlxs (#linkInBio)

Just quietly, we’re all chuffed with this one. It’s real cute! Tig especially likes shouting “let’s keep LOOKING!” at the top of his wee little lungs 🤣

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