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Oh sweet boy. Our guy isn’t doing 100% right now, he’s recovering from some kind of virus (blah change in seasons). He had a very gentle physio session and I’m so glad he did – sometimes it’s hard to know whether you should cancel and give him a break or have them come in the hope they help (but also, potentially running the risk of wearing him out). It’s a never ending guessing game, but I’m so glad we gave the green light this time.

Kai can’t tell you what hurts, but his physio Kerry is a magician of physiological mechanics. She measured up his legs and saw that his ankles were misaligned (meaning one leg was more than a good cm out) and she worked her way up his body, gently releasing the tension and knots. For some of the trickier knots she used a tubing fork set to a specific frequency. She hit it on the tip of a rubber mallet, and the very gently placed it on his body. It was magic to watch, as his muscles relaxed and became more supple. By the time she’s finished his legs were the same length again.

There was some gentle work, even a moment of standing (!) and homework for us, too. It’s was a lovely session and I’m glad the gamble of not cancelling paid off! It’s so hard, hey? To know if you’re hindering or helping. Still, here we are, doing our best. Onwards onwards!

PS – we’re doing the 100 mile challenge in July to raise money for NKH Research- join us? It’s an easy challenge (7500 steps a day) with a small, very achievable fundraising ask. Maybe do it with some friends and help us out? >>> nkhcharityrun.com from Instagram: https://instagr.am/p/C8G5vghoFLo/

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