On baby massage and poop habits

By 24th January 2017 One Comment

Kai’s getting more awake with every day. He was a bit less dopey today, his eyes a little less heavily lidded. It’s so nice to see him have proper awake/asleep times. Nice to see him wriggle a bit more. He’s not yet moving his legs like he used to, but his arms can now put his fists within reaching distance of his mouth, much to his delight.

A few days ago it was clear my milk supply wasn’t able to keep up with him. We’ve used up the frozen stash, so I’m power pumping, and when I’ve pumped enough he has it, and when I haven’t we do half breast milk, half formula. However with this change (and him waking up a bit) has meant he’s not pooped. He hasn’t pooped in three days. He doesn’t seem uncomfortable, but my little guy used to be a champion pooper, pooping every 3-4 hours or so. Three days is definitely unusual for him. (Also, the pre-mum me would have been so unimpressed about sharing her hypothetical baby’s pooping habits. The post-mum me is obsessed, and sharing poop habits seems the least worrying of things to share).

Anyway, the hospice has a therapist here who does baby massage. She filled up a cushion with warm water, and we lay Kai out on it. He went to sleep instantly and had a lovely half hour baby massage. It was pretty lush, actually. He was so so relaxed. I was too, but I think it’s because there was some lovely calm music playing. I almost went to sleep sitting up next to him. I’m glad hospice has all these things available for us. Even if it doesn’t help the pooping, it was such a nice thing to have do. 


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  • DanT says:

    its amazing how much of your life revolves around ya kids poop nowdays :<

    ours is always either too try or too runny.. sigh

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