On doing the unexpected

By 22nd January 2017 No Comments

We possibly were a bit ambitious, but as Mikaere was more awake we took the opportunity to take him swimming. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was pregnant with him, and I wasn’t sure with all his hospital visits and illnesses whether we’d ever get the chance.

They have a pretty nice pool here at the hospice, where the air is as warm as the pool so it’s not too chilly when you get out. The nurses are keen to go the extra mile for us so we can swim, and there’s music and all sorts of floaty things. There was a small matter of his two ivs and his NG, but we put a bung on the end of the NG, and dressings over the midline and the subcut, wrapping the drivers up in a towel on the side and off we went.

We did our best to keep the midline out of the water, floating his arm on a floaty thing, but oh. Oh my days. It’s been a while, but I was so so happy. He seemed to enjoy it too, kicking his legs a little. He was wide awake the whole time, and cried his little kitten cries when we got out.

Oh my little guy, there is something huge about doing the things with you we thought we’d never be able to. Our dreams for you have gotten much smaller, but I’ll take the tiny wins. Swimming, I’m so so glad you were able to experience that. So so glad!



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