Rock Choir Concert

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Last week the Dunstable Rock Choir did an informal concert for Team Mikaere, to help us get ever closer to our momentous goal. It was a great night and after a long trip up from London, even the little man himself was there!

Kai’s Grandma (my mum) sings in the Rock Choir and she asked Pippa, the Rock Choir Leader if they’d mind putting on an event for us as they’ve helped support charities in the past. They said yes! We’re so pleased to have the support from Pippa and the Rock Choir and we’re so grateful for everyone who was there that night.

The evening was amazing, there were around 130 people packed into the local school hall, complete with a massive stage and a wicked spread of food. It was good to see what mum does at rock choir and there really was a good community spirit the entire evening. The singing and performances were amazing – Kai was lulled off to sleep, and was woken a few times by the set list, but generally was pretty well behaved the entire night – for which we are thankful!

During the night, £698.20 was raised, there was a MASSIVE raffle. Seriously – it was huge, so many people brought things to have in the raffle (we didn’t win anything), and a donation bucket went round at the end of the show. In additional to that, another £150 in donations were made in the following days afterwards by people we had met there. We did get up in front of everyone and gave a little talk about us, and how the money would be used to help fight Kai’s disease.

Kai made a bunch of new friends and enjoyed the singing. Singing is generally his favourite. Closely followed by classical piano, Disney Pixar movie soundtracks, and then lounge jazz.