On The Clipper

By 7th September 2022 April 3rd, 2024 No Comments

We took Mikaere on the river boat the other night, on what was meant to be a pre dinner walk and ended up being an impromptu trip down the Thames.

To be honest, he couldn’t have cared less, but we had a great time. I’m glad both piers were accessible, but the boats, not so much.

Wheelchair users aren’t allowed to sit outside like everyone else (wtf), and on the first ferry there was a tiny alcove we could slot Mikaere’s wheelchair into, but on the return trip there was no designated wheelchair area. There was an open seating area kind of out of the way at the front, but we had to ask a gentleman to move as there wasn’t enough space for us and him (which was awkward).

I mean, it’s like they did a half job thinking through accessibility. How to get on, but not how disabled people were going to manage once on the boat.

Anyway, casual ableism aside, it felt like exploring our own neighbourhood, which was well good!

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