On a Useless Hoist

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We have this stupid portable hoist in our living room. It’s not long enough to actually be of use (it fits over Kai’s bed, and then literally just the half metre next to it). We used it initially getting him in and out of his crib, when we had the crib, but now he’s got his bed it’s just… it’s not a good fit.

We’re still waiting for a ceiling track to be put in

I can’t wait to get rid of it, honestly. It doesn’t belong to us, it’s from the council. So I have to organise to have mediquip come and dismantle/pick it up. But to do that, they need to come in. And with cover, I’m not keen. So we have the big giant (but not giant enough) hoist was just sitting there, not being used.

SO, I’ve pulled it out and now we use it as thing to hangs toys from. It’s huge, and silly but also, kind of fun? It’s definitely not what it’s meant to be used for.  Hey ho, we’re making it work for us!

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