Messy Play: Beans + Lentils

By 21st April 2021 April 22nd, 2021 No Comments

We needed a small win today, something easy and interactive and joyous, but easily implemented because #lockdownLife is still a thing. So messy play it was! Beans and lentils, things that feel lumpy under little fingers, on a tray that makes a good sound when you bang it, and beans that bounce and make a good noise when they’re flung to the floor. It’s the kind of thing Mikaere enjoys – it takes a little bit of effort for him, moving his arms, especially when he can’t necessarily *see* the things he’s flinging, but, I mean…. they went everywhere. He was so joyous about it, too. The sound they made hitting the floor. Satisfying, for him.

Also, I’ll deny him nothing – if a moment of happiness for him is making a massive mess? No big deal sweeping up beans, it’s fine.  Sure, it was a good half hour of sweeping and banging and laughing, so worth the tidying after. It’s the small things, hey?

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