On staying in, still

By 14th May 2021 June 15th, 2021 No Comments
Things are opening up here in the UK, and as always, I’m anxious. The world doesn’t feel safe for Mikaere. I want to trust in the vaccine (please get vaccinated if you can!) and hope that it does drastically slow transmission… but from the (ridiculous amount of) research I’ve read, it looks like the vaccine only reduces the risk of transmission (by between 25%-35%) but doesn’t STOP transmission. What it does is prevent you, a vaccinated person from experiencing severe symptoms.
Which is great, genuinely. Except that Kai wont be vaccinated (his first set of vaccinations put him on end of life care. We were living in intensive care/hospice for MONTHS). So, if the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission, Kai’s still at risk.
With the world opening back up and the CDC gettin frivolous with mask advice… the world just seems like a less safe place. I don’t know. I’m hopeful with reduced transmission rates thanks to increased vaccinated (ignoring the Indian variant) and with summer coming… perhaps it will be okay?
Perhaps in a few months positive cases would have dropped off (rather than the increase we had last week) and perhaps it’ll mutate itself into a less scary version and just… go away.  Obviously, we’re as keen as anyone to get back to normality, but the risk for our little family is so much higher than everyone else. It’s really hard, hey.
So, we’re doing what we can. Sensory foam play, with ducks. That brought a good 15 minutes of joy, I’ll take that.

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