On Portage and Shaving foam

By 1st April 2019 No Comments

We’re on the portage service, which is basically play therapy. Our lovely therapist Jackie comes to visit and brings a bag very much like Mary Poppins carpet bag of amazing. There are always interesting wonders in her bag.

A few weeks ago she bought by shaving foam. We’d been struggling to keep Mikaere entertained. While I’m struggling, anything that requires spontaneity or effort is tricky. Well, enter Jackie and her magic shaving foam, and Kai went to TOWN.

I wouldn’t have thought about shaving foam before. I’m not adverse to messy play, but it’s hard to get out of your bubble and find things that would work for Mikaere that he’d enjoy. Shaving foam was definitely a treat and it went EVERYWHERE. It was hilarious, and amazing and we all had a great time.

Thank goodness for play therapists, hey?

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