On the wine tasting

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Gosh, the wine tasting! We tried changing things up this year, but to be honest – this year’s wine tasting was a bit of a shambles. We were stretched in the weeks leading up to the wine tasting (having been away) and there was a bunch of things we didn’t do well (we forgot to ask for volunteers till the day before, we did it in the middle of the summer when most people were away, we gave everyone late notice etc etc) but despite the shambles, oh my days, what a great day.

This year instead of one giant tasting like a show, we had three small ‘stations’ where everyone stopped by as they went, with bubbles to start. It was a blind tasting, so each station had two wines, there was a Rosé station, a white station and a red station. Considering the heat of the day (thanks crazy heatwave) we did a chilled red (!) which was pretty fantastic. I obvs. loved the Rosé but I enjoyed the fizz and the chilled red too.

It was lovely to catch up with everyone as they came through – there was plenty of wine and we played a lot of ‘water vs wine’ (such a fun easy game). It was small, we intentionally kept the ticket sales small (and manageable!) but we had about 25 people come, we sold lots of wine and oh my days, there was lots of love.

On the day we raised £450 which is a phenomenal effort. Thanks to everyone who came and bought a ticket and drank our wine. Every single pound has such a profound affect on the research that can be done. All of those funds have been sent to Joseph’s Goal, who will send it along to Prof. Nick Greene for NKH Research. Honestly – thank you for the support for everyone who came with the crazy amount of love – thanks to you we’re making change. These funds – they give credence to what we’re doing, they give meaning to Mikaere’s life – he’s making a mark on the world with every single pound we raise in his name. I often mull over why we fundraise, and right now, that’s it. We want our son’s life to having meaning, to have made a difference. We want him to contribute to the world, and oh, how he is.

We’re lucky that we have this outlet in which to do that, so thank you for the love and support. You guys are the best x

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