On Bar-b-kai 2: The Meat Returns

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After the wonderfulness of the Joseph’s Goal Ball, we packed up the next morning and high tailed it back to Bedforshire. Penny and Tony were throwing the second Bar-b-Kai, a BBQ fundraiser. They threw one last year, in aid of Team Mikaere, Joseph’s Goal and NKH Research. It was our very first fundraiser and it set the tone for our attitudes towards fundraising.

I’ll forever be grateful for Penny and Tony for showing us how easy it could be, how insanely possible fundraising was. We’re so lucky, genuinely, to be surrounded by people who love Mikaere, who are willing to throw fundraisers for research. Last year, that first BBQ showed us that we could fundraise. That we could raise money for research, that we could, without a doubt, make a difference. It was possible, it was easy and we could do it.

So when they were throwing a second BBQ? We were going to be there. So we drove straight from Wigan down, about a six hour journey with comfort breaks for Mikaere and arrived just in time. YOU GUYS! There was a ridiculous amount of meat (cooked to perfection, and some kind of delicious butternut chickpea curry concotion with I inhaled thirds of), there was a super fun raffle and the wine/water game was addictive success. A special shout out to The Chocolate Deli in Worcester, who donated a beautiful chocolate hive which went up for raffle. It was very oh la!

We ate, we drank, we caught up and everyone loved on Kaikai. It was a lovely, lovely night. I’m so glad we were able to be there. In total they raised a ridiculous £1,200, which honestly – it makes me teary to think about how generous everyone was. Thank you, again, to Penny and Tony – you both have been so gracious to our little family.

Loved it. Charity BBQ’s are the best.

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