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Following on from the success of Mikaere’s initial Just Giving campaign, we’ve been spurred on to continue raising funds to help research the shit out of NKH, but we can’t keep asking for money, that gets boring real quick. So instead we’re planning some fundraising events, and so are many of our friends and family!

The amount of people who have bounced ideas off us or reached out with how they can help is incredible.
We both bang on about how grateful we are and I won’t stop now. You continually turn up to help us, and it means so much that you now want to join in and fundraise with us with the aim of beating NKH.
So Team Mikaere grows, and we’re mega excited as there’s a lot in the works; corporate sponsorships, brass bands and choirs, raffles and BBQs, pub quizzes and cake sales. The list goes on.

We’ve set ourselves (and the team Mikaere collective) a fundraising goal of £100,000. It’s a massive target to hit but we never dreamed we’d raise as much as we have already. This is roughly how much it costs to run a research project for a year, so it’s symbolic and while it’ll probably take years to achieve, Elly and I are determined as hell that we will make it!
Besides, we’re already 11% of the way there.

I will aim to post an update on the blog to update everyone with all the fun stuff that is going on each month.

Go Team Mikaere!!!

P.S. If you’ve got an idea just speak to one of us, or email us!

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