On the Avenue Pasta Night Fundraiser

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We were very lucky that a local cookery school, The Avenue, were open to running a fundraiser for us. We booked a #teamMikaere charity dinner class, and set of to sell 24 tickets.

Well, the problem with London is that so many people had plans, and we really struggled. It wasn’t until we had a change of tack and Sam shared it at a work conference that it was taken up as a ‘team building’ event. We didn’t quite sell all our spots, but thanks to a few generous people (thanks Amanda and Eugene!) we managed a total of 21, so not bad. 

And after loads of organising and ticket hustling, it was amazing to finally be there on the night! We had a raffle, and I did my spiel, and a few people finally got to meet Kai that hadn’t yet. 

There was a generous flow of wine, and everyone was so delightful. I left with Kai before the action started but oh my days, the texts I got through the night and the stories after – apparently it was amazing. 

I was delighted, I was told the food was delicious, the host and chefs hilarious and generally everyone had an excellent time.

Off the back of that, we raised a total of £758. In a single night, good job team!! 

We really are doing everything we can to help fund a cure. I’m glad that so far our events have been well received. Nothing like doing your bit of charity with a wine in one hand and a bowl of delicious pasta in the other!

Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket and came. Thanks to everyone to textd in a donation, bought a card, or a bracelet, or a raffle ticket. You guys are fab, and just – we really are grateful. I say it all the time, but each donation has such a profound effect on the research that can be done. I’m probably being melodramatic, but I really do feel like each pound we raise will get us closer to a future with Kai.

So, thanks to everyone who made it. You guys are amazing! 

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