On tea with the Mayor of Wandsworth

By 12th April 2017 No Comments

The Mayor of our borough is a patron of our Hospice – run by the charity Shooting Star Chase. And as such, he invited the hospice goers to tea in his parlour. Sam was keen to go, so we dressed up in our Sunday best and off we went. To tea with the Mayor of Wandsworth.

Can I just say first, the Mayor has it well fancy. You walk into the lobby and all the floors are marble, and fancy panelled walls and it’s all very very oh la. He’s also driven around in a limo. 

It was a lovely little meeting. We talked about Changing Rooms, and generally about Kai. The current mayor is Councillor Richard Field – he’s lovely. Before being Mayor he worked at Twickenham – he had some lovely stories to tell about Sean Fitzpatrick.

It was a pretty nice tea, actually. Very fancy. It’s nice to feel like we’re part of the community, and I appreciate that the hospice invites us to events like this. 

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