On having a shouty, vocal baby

By 2nd August 2017 August 8th, 2017 No Comments

Kai is becoming very very vocal. It only happens when Kai is well, when everything is under control so even though he’s a bit shouty, I am *delighted* to hear his little voice! Even when he’s screaming. Most people get quite upset when their babies are very loud, and very upset.

But… we know that sick babies are silent. In intensive care, you could be sitting with your baby and not even realise there were 15 other babies in the same room. Sick babies are silent, and I’ve spent many hours in Kai’s silent company (stupid seizures, stupid coma), so I don’t think I’ll ever tire of hearing him express himself vocally. Hearing him chat away, it’s just the best.

It’s the small things, hey? That’s what we’re appreciating today.

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