On visiting Wearne

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Recently, with Sam’s parents, we drove down to Somerset to spend some time Pam and Robert.

I love Wearne. I’ve been visiting since my very first winter in the UK and I’m so grateful to have a place where I could anchor in the UK. If I was traveling and didn’t want to go back to London, I’d go to Wearne. Anytime I was feeling a little lost or unsure or just wanted to be in a place where things felt solid, it was to Wearne I went.

Unfortunately, this time is soon to come to an end, as the beautiful house is being sold as Pam and Robert move on to new and exciting things. It meant that this trip was special – that was we were able to take Kai down, knowing this could be one of the last times in this big old house of memories felt precious.

In the end, I was like every trip to Wearne is.  It was a wonderful wonderful weekend of country lane walks in the rain (so very very wet) and cuddles with the dogs and amazing food and lots of wine. Of laughs and silliness and amazing company. I got stung by stinging nettles picking strawberries – I ALWAYS get stung at Wearne! Sam and Pam fetched me Doc Leaf (the magic cure)

We added a few fun things this trip. Baths in sinks and fish & chips with champagne. The best bit was the sheer amount of love.  Kai was loved on so hard by his Grandparents, and by Pam. Even by Pam’s Mum Dorothy, who point blank didn’t want to hand him back when it was time for her to go home. It made me laugh, the insistent baby cuddles with (if my Dad was to ever marry his partner, she would be) Kai’s Great Great Step Grandmother.

I’m so grateful we have so many people who love us and care and are willing to openly show how much they care. We came away from that weekend so refreshed (right until we hit bank holiday traffic back to London, but that’s something else).

I’m glad we went. Such a good weekend.

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