On doing normal things – like feeding the ducks

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Like I said before… being at the hospice makes it a bit easier to do the ‘normal’ things. One of the things we did was to walk down to the canal and feed the ducks. Usually, such a jaunt would require the organisation similar to a military operation. At Hospice, our nurse bundled up our emergency meds, we waited for a window between feeds and off we went, on a little jaunt down to the canal. 

It was a bit of a walk, down a dirt track, under a bridge, down a gravel road. It was fine for us. Kai is still small enough to fit into his pram (which is a behemoth three wheel pram with suspension and ‘sport’ mode) so we had no problem going off road. Kai slept through all the bumps like a champ. I was able to push with one hand while I took photos with my phone. 

The wheelchairs that accompanied us had no such luck, and I admire the strength and determination of the nurses that pushed them, and the stoicism with which their occupants endured the bumpy ride.

We did eventually make it to the canal, and from there we walked along until the bend, where we found two little ducks. We were all gifted our share of bread (and I’ve since learnt that you’re not meant to feed ducks bread, as it’s bad for their digestion, like too much candy) and some of us threw it to the ducks, and some threw it on the path, each to their own. 

It was nice to get out, and be in the sun and outside. I forget how important it is to get outside. It’s so easy at home just to stay in. Between the therapy/nurse visits and the feeds and meds and managing the flat – the day just goes so quickly. If we don’t have something to get us to go out, it’s hard to find the momentum to get going. 

Honestly, I’m grateful for hospice for the reminder.

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