On Introducing Kai to his Great Grandad

By 12th June 2017 No Comments

As Kai was being a bit more Kai like, we took Him on a road trip out to meet his Great Grandfather. Oh my days, what an absolute delight. I adore his Great-Grandad.  He’s so clever, and he has on multiple occasions rather fruitlessly attempted to teach me to play piano (there a small baby grand in his living room. It’s fab. I love the idea of having such a beautiful instrument so wonderfully accessible, instead of tucked away!)

To see him love on Kai was beautiful. Kai’s lucky to have two Great-Grandparents to love on him, and it’s so delightful to see four generations together

Anyway, I’m all over the place with my feelings. It was the longest we’d ever driven with Kai, a good few hours. It was an amazing weekend of piano playing and cuddles and furious website building (I built a site for NKH fundraising while there were extra arms to mind Kai).

Kai’s Great Aunt was also there, and his second cousins. It was one lovely family trip. There’s something wonderful about having multiple generations all together. I’m so pleased that Kai has such a fantastic bunch of people around him, really.

Such a great weekend. Fingers crossed for more weekends like this one. 

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