Enjoying the good times.

By 12th July 2017 No Comments

Kai’s doing quite well. He’s needing o2 less and less and is becoming more chatty and active. It’s so nice to see him like this, and I’m tentatively easing into enjoying this time with him.

We’re trying more solids (more for sensory experience than nutrition) which I think Kai enjoys. We’re also trying to socialise a bit more while Kai is doing well. We’ve had more dinners and out for lunches and long walks. We even spent an afternoon in a beer garden with a friend. It was so delightful, sun, live music, good company, good food and a cheeky g&t. Kai was so well behaved and it just, it felt so easy. So normal. 

Is this what it’s like for neuro-typical parents? It’s delightful. Cross your fingers that we get more time like this with our little guy.

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