Cake and the Fulham Brass Band Fundraiser

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Oh my days. Oh my days!! I’m just back from the most amazing fundraiser. The Fulham Brass Band often plays charity concerts and we were lucky to be a beneficiary, fundraising for Joseph’s Goal. We had so many people come. So many friends that I haven’t seen in forever. Friends who have since had babies, friends who visited us in Hospice, friends from overseas, NCT friends, friends who we met in NICU who are now (hurrah!!) home! 

We’ve been in a bit of a bubble lately, being in hospital and what not. So to see so many of my favourites in one place was just… I felt so loved. That there were so many people on our team, it was amazing. So many faces, so many friends. I was (almost) gutted we were at a concert, instead of somewhere to hang out and chat.

Almost, though. It was an AMAZING concert. Turns out brass bands are well fun, and l super enjoyed the music. Some of it was shockingly familiar, and I was amazed at how much I recognised. But also, just how fun it was. I was genuinely delighted to be there.

About partway through I did a talk about Kai… I have no problem with public speaking. When I was at uni I did talks to thousands of school girls, trying to encourage women into science. Talking about science is pretty easy. Talking about your terminal ill baby was emotional. I cried, in front of a hall full of people. But I got the gist across, I think. 

Then there were cakes at the interval – oh my days. So much cake. SO MUCH CAKE. It was well delicious. We raised over £900 between the cake sale and the retiring collection. I can’t even begin to explain how grateful we are, how much hope this gives us and how much momentum, spurring us on to the next fundraising event (come to dinner with us! Friday 23rd of June, it will be delicious)

To everyone who came, who reached out to say they couldn’t come, who donated in their absence, who ate cake or donated cakes for the bake sale… thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. You guys are truly amazing! 

Brass Bands, hey? Love them. What a fab afternoon.

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