On being discharge with giant o2 tanks

By 7th July 2017 No Comments

As we’ve been discharged (thank goodness for that, it’s such a relief to be home after that horror of a stay), we’ve been given an oxygen stash – several tanks. For kai’s comfort. We don’t have an o2 monitor (they run into the thousands, can you believe it?! I’m looking at a few different options, namely owlet and neebo) so it’s a bit tricky to tell when Kai needs it. 

We look for the tracheal tug, or an intercostal pull. Nostril flareing, or a head bob. Anything that shows he’s working hard to breathe. We reposition him to help his airway, and if we’re even slightly concerned we pull out the tank.

Kai hates the nasal cannula. If you don’t occupy his hands he’ll have it off before you can even turn on the O2. I guess this is just another thing we manage. We have a whole pile of equipment: apnea monitors, suction machines and now o2 tanks. Add that to our mini pharmacy and emergency toolbox full of controlled drugs and IV gear, we’re essentially a more comfortable ward already.

Still, I guess this is just how we roll now. 

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