On the support from Infinis

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We have a village around us, for sure. I’ve spoken already about how Kai’s Grandad Andy has rallied support through his work at Infinis. Mick, his colleague, ran everyday for a month last year for Team Mikaere.

To say thank you to Infinis for choosing Joseph’s Goal and Team Mikaere as their charity of the year we went up to visit. Quite a long time ago, (it was in October!).  They’re just wrapping their year now, and I wanted to say thank you, because this company went over and above.

When you walk into reception there is a giant poster of Mikaere and Andy. It’s right there, as you walk in the door. That’s how much they’ve got behind us.

When we visited we met lots of wonderful people, and I delivered a bit of a spiel (I was very emotional, and I cried. Telling groups of people about Mikaere’s history and his diagnosis never gets easier) – I moved it on, because I don’t enjoy crying in front groups of strangers, and we did a fun Q&A session. Mostly I asked them questions, how many people had raised safety concerns? (The company makes a donation for every time someone raises one). I asked how many people shop on Amazon, and asked them to use Amazon smile with Joseph’s Goal as their charity. I asked how many people had kids, and asked if they’d buy and Eva book.

And then they asked me questions. About the research. About his medication. About how the genetics work.

It was a lovely visit. It was lovely to meet people who were raising funds for us, who were helpful us find a future for our boy.

We’re grateful for every person who is on our team, and Infinis is clearly in our corner. Thanks Infinis, you guys are the best.

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