The Cheatsheet

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We have a cheatsheet for Mikaere. It goes everywhere we do, and is the first thing that’s handed over to nurses at A&E visits or admissions, doctors at appointments or any new therapist we have.

It’s literally a combination of every single question we’ve ever been asked, all the details people want to know, or didn’t know they should know. The nurses love it and the registrars love it too. Our consultants love it because it means we don’t have to go through the medical list and doses one by one. They can take the cheatsheet away, and we can use the appointment time more effectively.

It also means when someone asks something stupid, I know they haven’t taken the time to read the cheat sheet and I redirect them. It saves time. Theirs and mine and means I don’t have to fight to make myself understood, or worry that I’ve forgotten anything.

It’s also been helpful in other ways. The main being it signals that I’m a competent parent. That I know my child, I know his disorder, that I’m familiar with the medicalised setting and establishes that I’m an authority on my child.

It means that when it comes time to discuss an action plan, I’m included in the discussion as it’s taking place, not being told what’s going to happen after. It means when I disagree, I’m listened to, and my concerns are heeded. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve avoided being admitted because the cheatsheet gave me credibility when I’ve said no to admission.

The cheat sheet has just made our lives easier. For those that are interested, I’ve created a template here on google drive.

It’s the small things, hey? Cheatsheets. They make a difference.

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