On our Seatbelt Medical Alerts

By 16th November 2018 No Comments

I’ve talked about medical alert car stickers a while back, for alerting emergency response if there was ever an accident that Mikaere was non-mobile, non-verbal and an epileptic. It says in red Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia, so they can’t miss it. It also says Glycine Encephalopathy so they don’t confuse it with Nonketotic Hyperglycaemia, because you know someone’s in a rush that’s what they’ll read and if I’m not there to advocate for my baby you can bet they’ll test his blood sugars unnecessarily.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I found these medical alert seatbelt straps, for both the buggy and the car seat. They live on the straps, so we don’t need to remember them. Inside there is a little card with our details, the basics of his diagnosis AND a link to his medical care plan (essentially our cheat sheet).

It’s such a huge thing, my fear about not being able to advocate for Mikaere. About all those what if scenarios. I feel like we live in that space where all the unlikely things happen (a weird kind of luck?) and I want to give him the best shot I can.

So, seatbelt medical alerts. He’s got one on his car seat, and one on his buggy. A simple easy thing we’ve done to help stave off the worst case. Worth it, hey?

The place we got ours no longer sells them (womp!) but there are other places like here or here.


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