Running 31 Days in October

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Mick sits one desk across from Mikaere’s Grandad, and today marks the end of the unbelievable challenge he’s set himself. Mick ran every single day in October, on every single one of those 31 days. And he did it for #teamMikaere and NKH Research.

There’s something incredibly powerful about someone running for our son. Knowing Mick has been out every day, convincing himself out in all weathers for us – you guys. There is something so supportive, so genuinely heartfelt when your day to day is encouraging others to do hard, challenging things, to keep on keeping on.  From a recent post, he said “While getting out and doing this every day has been a challenge, it’s been great to have such variety – and of course when we think about why I’m doing it, the challenge I’ve given myself is nothing compared to the challenges others are forced to face every day. Hats off to #teamMikaere.”

The acknowledgement of our day to day, the support and the act – not just words or platitudes, but the physicality of running every day, committing to it, following through and fundraising an amazing amount – that has made a huge difference to how connected we feel. We feel seen. We feel heard. We feel like we’re not alone. We’re here with Kaikai, and we know that without fail, every day this month Mick has been out running for us. What a guy. Plus today, on his last run, he ran in fancy dress (!)

Mick has raised over £2k for NKH Research – a phenomenal amount of money. It works out to over £70 per run (blows your mind a bit, doesn’t it?)

I know we ask, repeatedly, over and over. But if ever there was a fundraiser to donate to, please donate to this one: justigiving.com/mick-holton

Thank you Mick. What an amazing month, what an amazing effort. We are genuinely appreciative of your support, and are glad you’re on #teamMikaere.

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