On the ward

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I’ve never been so grateful to be on the ward. Back to shared rooms and small cubby’s and nurses shared between three beds.

Mikaere tolerated his meds on a diarolyte solution. He tolerated his formula. He did NOT tolerate food. Womp. There was vomit. So much vomit. And with every vomit we tack a day on to how long we’re in here.

It’s not so bad though. We’ve got our own cubicle at the minute, having moved out of the shared room. We’ll revert back to formula at a rate he can manage (slow and steady). And our days are slow and easy as Mikaere recovers.

We take walks around the ward, and set up a rotation of toys from the play specialist. We read books and sing songs and take naps. (Best tip I ever got was asking for an adult sized bed instead of a crib. Mikaere doesn’t roll, let alone climb over everything so is in no danger of rolling off with the sides up. It means we’ve got more space to manoeuvre him, space for us to sit and a nice spot for a joint nap).

The other bonus is that we’re still doing the meds ourselves (it’s a bit of an ongoing thing, Kai’s meds are complex, and the nurses and the chart are always wrong, so we do it to make sure it’s the right med at the right dose at the right time).

We’ve also continued our at home nurse help, which has been amazing. Because the hospital nurses are there for emergencies, we haven’t had to stay the whole time – knowing that there is someone Kai knows and we trust has been amazing. It meant I was able to come home to sleep once or twice (a proper 6 hour sleep in a bed after a shower is pure bliss).

We’re in no hurry. We’d obviously like to be home, but this doesn’t feel like our other hospital visits. Mikaere is not sick. He’s not fighting for health. He’s not struggling.

There is the the occasional vomit while his stomach recovers, so when the surgeons suggest another day I’m not heartbroken. Kai is going to be okay, and once he goes a full day without vomiting we’ll be discharged.

Update: later that very day we went home. Five days end to end we were here, from fasting to discharge. I’d expected to be here at least a week or two, five days feels swift. Hallelujah we’re home!!

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