On the pink dummy

By 26th November 2018 No Comments

Mikaere still uses a dummy, he finds huge huge comfort in it. He’s even able to ‘ask’ for it by making a sucking noise. At this point, if this is the one thing he can ask for and something he finds comfort in, he can have one as long as he wants it. We’re working on hand co-ordination so he can push it back in if it’s falling out (OT loves the dummy motivation, for sure. We practise putting the dummy in a million, billion times a day).

We use NUK dummies, which conveniently come in several sizes. I ordered some from amazon (using Amazon Smile for Joseph’s Goal). Some cute, gender neutral ones.

However what came back were some cute pink chickens. I attempted to return the said pink ones, but amazon said keep them, and we’ll send out the right ones. Okay, that’s cool. Except the new ones weren’t gender neutral either. It was more pink chickens.

At that point I figure fuck it. No one cares if Mikaere is using a pink dummy, and now we have four of them. Pink dummies, just as good as the gender neutral ones it turns out. Gender stereotypes can suck it.

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