On the #ifhnkh Tees!

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There’s an acronym that NKH parents use when we’re struggling. IFHNKH. Short for I fucking hate NKH. Typically used when our kids are struggling and in pain and there’s nothing we can do. That feeling of helplessness and rage and just… I hate NKH. I really do. It’s a horrific disorder, and it’s caused us no end of grief with Mikaere. When there are no words left to say, IFHNKH is it.

So, I put it on a t-shirt. And now you can BUY that t-shirt (in a number of different colourways), with a small portion going towards NKH Research. (Take that NKH).

If you want one, they’re available right in the teammikaere.com/shop

And while this won’t make much sense to a lot of you – this one is for our NKH family. For the other mamas who are in hospital with their babe, who are facing surgery’s and seizures and vomiting. For all the mama’s whose babes have passed. For all the mamas who are struggling with all the shit that comes with NKH – this one is for you. I’m with you. #IFHNKH

Side note: I also threw together a ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ and a ‘Beautifully Broken and Perfectly Made’ Tees for our beautifully perfect kids with their teeny tiny imperfect genetic mishaps, which is also in the shop.

Note – these drop ship from the UK, shipping to the US is available but the conversion is done with PayPal and I have no idea how that magic works. I’m trying to find an appropriate vendor to drop ship in the US to make it cheaper, so stay tuned!

Note 2 – each of these tee’s has a small margin on them. You know that small margin is going straight to NKH Research. Oh yeah!

Note 3 – Do any men want to see #ifhnkh on a shirt? If you do, let me know. I’ll make it happen for you.

Note 4 – YOU GUYS! These shirts are going crazy! Thanks to everyone who has bought one – if you have, send me a selfie, I want to see you in your #ifhnkh shirts!!

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