On the gastro!

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The day after I posted about the previous gastro attempt we got a letter in the mail asking us to be admitted the following week – we were going to take a second shot!!

The paediatric surgeons were lined up, Mikaere was first. The adult MRI machine below the paediatric OR was booked and scheduled just before the surgery.

We signed all the forms, did all the fasting, and after a sleepless night (are hourly obvs on a healthy child really necessary?!), woke bright and early, was gratified to hear there were currently TWO paediatric intensive care beds available and we waited for our friend the anaesthetist to come by.

The look on his face when he walked in gave it all away.

The MRI Machine was broken. BROKEN. We had a choice, we could either do the gastro without the MRI or we could retry at a later date.

It was a no brainer, at the risk of it all go wrong with the anaesthetic, we’d purposely organised everything under one anaesthetic, including skipping the peg and going straight to a button.

Having the MRI under a second anaesthetic wasn’t in the plan, and we weren’t willing to risk it.

So we packed up and came home. For the second time.

When our nurse found out, she laughed. It set the tone, because of course we were frustrated but, this just seems par for the course. When I asked how frequently the MRI Machine broke, our guy said he’d never known it to be out of action, ever.

So off we go. No gastro as yet, we’re waiting for the stars to align.

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