On Special Feeding Onsies

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It seems like a weird thing to follow up with after that last post, but I want to talk about clothes for a minute. Kai spends 90% of his time on his back. You spend most of your time upright. Clothes, generally are designed for upright wear.

When Kai wears a tshirt, or a jumper it slides up and exposes his button. The danger with this is giving him easy access increases the chances of him pulling out his button (not ideal). So he wears onsies which have poppers at the bottom, so they can’t ride up. But most onsies for kids don’t have belly access. Which means we typically have to undress him to feed him, and have the feeding extension come out of his pant leg (not ideal).

So we buy special feeding-friendly onsies. The ones we get from M&S are £6 a pop. It frustrates me that for the same price you can get a bulk pack of onsies with no button access. It frustrates me that M&S sell clothing for disabled kids, but won’t put a changing places facility (a safe disabled toilet for those that can’t self transfer) in their stores (but neurotypical people – hey, they’ve got a whole bunch of toilets for you. Wouldn’t you be mad if a store like M&S wouldn’t provide something as basic as toilets?)

It frustrates me that we have to source fancy feeding tube friendly clothes for my son. I can’t just go into the nearest store and pick something cute up. It’s never that easy. And because there is such a huge demand for feeding tube friendly clothes, so many places are out of stock. No kidding, last time I found a place that has onsies in stock I bought several in the two sizes up, just to avoid the stress of it.

This is just another thing to think about, another added difficulty. Sad face.

Special needs Mum – share with me your favourite feeding tube friendly clothes places. Help me find the good stuff.

Update: I saw a post from another NKH Mum who shared BUTTON HOLES as a tip! If I can figure out how to put button holes in Kai’s onsies, I won’t need to buy ridiculously expensive onsies!

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