The Garden Party

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We’re so lucky to have the kind of extended family we do. Kai’s Grandparents, Great Aunts + Uncles and Great Grandparents threw Kai a Garden Party fundraiser. It was AMAZING.

There were all sorts of stalls. Cake and pimms, Bric-a-brac, Cards, tombola. Sam’s Great Aunty Sal had made all sorts of Jams and Chutney (a few jars even made their way back to our pantry!). There was a raffle for the luxury hamper (very oh la!) and there was a whole table of knitware. Blankets, and toys and scarves. It was beautiful.

I myself made Wine Lanterns from empty wine bottles, and candles from the ends. It was quite fun, but candles in glass votives were not as easy as I thought they were (wet spots are the worst!). There were also cards, and #teammikaere bracelets, and Joseph’s Goal bands. It was lovely.

We had a fab turn out, so many people came by despite the rain. I love Toddington, there is such a community there. We’re really lucky to be part of it by extension. So many people came to talk to us, to hear about Kai and say hello.

It was an amazing, amazing weekend. We raised a ridiculous amount (over £2000!!!) for NKH Research. We’re so humbled to have so many people care about our little family, happy to partake.  It was such an amazing day, really it was.

I was exhausted at the end, and really struggled. I’m an introvert by nature, and it had been a long week of meeting people and not being at home (which I both enjoyed and struggled with, it’s such a delight to have family around who love on Kai so much, but introvert). Towards the end of the day I pretty much crashed and took myself off to bed early! Too much excitement, hey?

Still, again – thank you to everyone who came out. Thank you to everyone who came to manage the stalls (we love you!), to everyone who donated something (we love you!) and to everyone who came out on the day and bought something (we love you!)


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