On Car Seat Fittings

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Kai is quickly growing out of his newborn car seat. We’ve got maybe a month before it’s unsafe, and we’ll need to upgrade.  However, Kai can’t support his head, so going down to Mothercare to pick out a new one wasn’t an option for us.

So, we went out to the In Car Safety Centre in Milton Keynes. They have a million different car seats, all various shapes and colours, with different features and support. It was *impressive*. Mothercare’s car seat range has nothing on this place. 

For what we needed (head support, reclining and ideally rare facing, with a swivel function if possible) there were only a handful of options that were suitable for us.

I was delighted that the one that suited us best was teal (anyone who knows me knows teal is my thing). Also, look how grown up he is! Sitting in a big boy car seat! Apparently it’s comfy enough to go sleep in, too.

We tried two, hauling them out into the car park to try them in our car. Turns out our car has fancy racer-esque seats in the back. Meaning they’re not flat, they’re on a slight angle and a little bit bucketed. Ideal if you’re sitting on your bum, not if the fancy new car seat plugs into the isofix things imbedded in the seat structure.

Blah. There’s another magic seat that’s apparently amazing that they’re hoping to stock in a month or two. Kai still has some room in his newborn car seat so we have a month or two.

So we thought we’d leave it and come back to it when the other seat is in.

Will keep you posted!


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