On when your bff finally meets your baby

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My BFF lives in New Zealand. New Zealand is horrifically far away, a good 26 hours across two flights far away. I HATE how far away it is, when so many of my nearest and dearest live there (honestly, when is teleportation happening?!). Because we both have young ones, travelling so far seemed impossible. Except that Liz was sent on a work trip to Tel Aviv and Munich, which is practically next door compared to how far away New Zealand is.

And she very graciously stole a weekend to fly across to London to meet us. 

Oh my days. OH MY DAYS! I had no idea how much I’d missed her. How beautiful having someone who has known you forever, who is so wonderfully on the same wave length as you, who was so wonderfully in the SAME PLACE is. It was amazing. It was beyond amazing. Just small things, like doing the 6am feed, and Liz (being awake with jet lag) coming in to hang with us, while she skyped her little family back in NZ (honestly, I’m in love with her wee one, he’s beautiful). I’ve missed her. I miss her husband (hi Rob!) and I’m sad I haven’t had the opportunity to love on her little guy yet.

But having her here was THE BEST. Watching her love on Kai, singing Maori songs with us (because she knows the words. SHE KNOWS THE WORDS – because she’s Maori too! Sam tries, but he’s very English and not at all Maori), playing peek a boo with Kai and just – being around. Having your best friend around… it was so good. It was the best. 

I was so stoked she came to meet us, and absolutely gutted when she had to leave again.

One day, hopefully New Zealand won’t feel so far away. 

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