On plastercasts

By 18th January 2017 No Comments

The hospice has shown no end of kindness to us. They’re constantly offering cups of tea, and feeding us copious amounts of food. Anything we’ve asked for they’ve tried to cater to, they’re so kind. They even offer us things we wouldn’t have thought of.

Today we took plaster casts of Kai’s hands and feet. It was an odd experience made darker when I asked if they do this for all the kids (only the terminally ill ones, was the straight forward response). Still, I enjoyed it.

We made up the mould mixture, and I held Kai’s hand while it was plunged into a ziplock bag with all the stuff. Slowly the purple mixture turned gummy, and solid. Like silicone. After a few minutes I was able to pull our hands out and tada, mould! We also did plaster casts of his hands and feet, and took his little fingerprints with magic ink (the kind that is invisible on skin, then after pressing to paper the print appears).

It was a lovely thing to do, but tinged with a little sadness, knowing that we’re creating remembrance pieces. Honestly, we’re holding onto every moment right now. 


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