On NKH Awareness Day

By 3rd May 2017 No Comments

A quick break from the doom and gloom seizure posts for just a moment – NKH Awareness Day was yesterday, and oh my days. So many people made their facebook profile pictures yellow. So many texted donations in. So many shared our posts and commented and liked and just… it was so comforting to see how much people care about our little guy. 

I’ve been quietly running a small campaign for the NKH families for funding the week before awarness day, over at fundnkhcure.com. I feel like we’ve spent so much time asking our friends and family for donations, that this one time, this one day of year it was okay to ask the NKH families for a small token.

Except that it spilt out around the edges, and then exploded on the day itself. Before I knew it facebook was yellow, and we managed to raise over £2000. 

I can’t even begin to express the love and genuine gratitude we have for the support. For every single person that changes their profile picture yellow. For every £3 donation. For every message, like, and share. We’re so lucky, so so so lucky that you all are on #teamMikaere.

You guys are amazing. You are literally the most beautiful, loving, fucking brilliant group of people I’ve ever had the privilege of being connected to. We’re so grateful for the support. Words aren’t enough to express how grateful we are. We love you guys. Thanks for being on our team x

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