On entertaining a baby who doesn’t focus

By 16th June 2017 No Comments

Because Kai doesn’t focus on objects (oh hey cortical vision blindness) a lot of the age appropriate toys available are inappropriate for Kai.

The best ones, we’ve discovered are ones that aren’t really toys at all. Ones that make sound – like the crinkly space blanket. They’re typically used by marathon runners at the end of a marathon, or by emergency services for people in shock. Its like a giant piece of tin foil that doesn’t tear. It’s well good, and Kai loves it. It crinkles when he touches it – fine motor movement is not his forte so it’s usually a big sweeping arm movement, or a vigorous kick. Bonus is that a massive sheet of the stuff is available on amazon for a whopping £1.45. 

The other is a carousel of hanging bells, good for swiping with a nice big arm movement, making a satisfying crashing of bells. We’ve even noticed that when’s Kai’s had enough, he’ll reach out and wait for a bell to settle in his palm before closing his fingers around it. Intentional grasping hey, our little guy is coming on in leaps and bounds!! 

It really is the little things for us right now. Kai hasn’t hit a lot of the regular milestones (head holding at 8 months still isn’t a thing), so when we find something that brings Kai such obvious joy, or he picks up a skill we hadn’t noticed before, it’s huge for us. I spoke before about how our little guy goes at his own path, on his own little NKH path, and I think this is another example of that. 

Still, at this point, we’re just grateful we still have a path to be on. 

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