Making it out

By 24th April 2017 No Comments

We’ve been sticking close to home, because going further afield requires more kit and organisation than the effort warrants. Even a trip to the supermarket not two minutes away requires the emergency kit (ambulance directive, emergency meds, the small folder of notes, just in case).But sometimes there is a something that’s worth leaving for. Friends of ours, friends we adore and are so grateful for were having a baby shower and I was *determined* that we were going to go.

So, we packed the emergency kit, and the meds for the day and the pump and supplies and testing strips and syringes (as well as the usual baby stuff) and off we went, driving across London. We were several hours late but oh, the sheer glee at making it at all was brilliant. We were there! At a baby shower! With other adult people! With our friends!!

It was nice. It was more than nice. I felt like a superhero, that if we were managing to get out and about that we could do anything (my bar is set pretty low, just showing up right now is huge for us). Making it to the baby shower, hanging out with our friends, meeting people who didn’t know our story and didn’t start the conversation with grief/pity/awe was so refreshing. 

And our friends, oh my days. They came to visit us when we were in intensive care, so that they could love on Kai outside of hospital – I was positively ecstatic.

Sometimes the huge, crazy effort of getting anywhere is absolutely worth it. Good day. High five us!

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