On being socially flakey

By 3rd April 2017 No Comments

We’ve had to reorganise plans for visitors several times, just because Kai hasn’t been well, or there’s been unexpected hospital visits or whatever. It’s the hardest.

I loathe being socially flakey, I know that friendships are built on time together, on being reliable and just, being someone people want to be friends with and come and see.

We’re pretty isolated at the moment, so when we do see friends it’s more amazing, more touching more everything. I have so much love for the people who have gone to lengths to come and see us, even when we haven’t reached out.

So when we’ve had to rearrange plans again and again, it irks. I understand why we do, and I’ll forever put Kai and his wellbeing over a social visit but it still irks.

I love my friends, I love hanging out with them. We’ve got a great crew around us, really, so to have to rearrange, it just sucks. I fear that eventually we’ll be too difficult to hang with, that we’ll be too unreliable. I haven’t figured out how yet, but I’m determined we’ll have some kind of social life!

So please have patience with us, we still want to see you and know you and we miss you guys. If you’re in London and want to visit, we’d love to see you for something low key. If you’re okay to come and see us, we’d love you even more for it.

Message me with some dates, okay? Seriously – please do. We miss you guys! 

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