On waiting it out

By 28th December 2016 One Comment

I feel like we’re on a precipice and could go either way. Mikaere could improve or he could not improve.  The most reassuring part (for which I feel guilty about) is that it’s not up to me. Mikaere is maxed out on all his meds, and we’ve done everything we can (there’s an argument to be made for overstepping and have done more than we should have, too).

He could go either way and it’s up to him. We hope for improvement. Hes stable at the moment, maybe more at a plateau than a precipice, but whether he decides to go up the mountain or down into the valley… okay. I need to stop with the metaphors because there is no good one really. We want him to get better. To wake up. To be seizure free.

Our baby is unresponsive. He’s got wires everywhere and oh, my little guy. C’mon baby. Pull through. 

Update: he’s holding his own with his airway so we removed the extra oxygen support. We’re slowing weaning the midazolam and we hope the seizures stay away. Fingers crossed!  



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