On leaving and not leaving

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Last night I negotiated a discharge so we could go back home for the night. The drs were surprised, I dont think parents often question what they say. But Mikaere doesn’t need round the clock medical observation, or medical professionals to administer his meds. As we were waiting for an eeg only to better understand his brain activity on medication, with the end result being a slight change in doses (I suspect).

Going home was amazing. Perfect. Showering was amazing. Eating with cutlery that’s not plastic, and sleeping in my own bed with sheets instead of a sleeping bag… not having to say gbye to Sam for another night…

I super appreciate the hospital, the staff and the care they give us. I appreciate the NHS for relieving us of a what could have been a horrid financial burden. I appreciate that Kai is getting everything he needs.

But I will take every day we don’t need to be at the hospital. And as lovely as leaving was, going back today was tough.

Mikaere vomited all over everything just as we were leaving the house. The first bus wouldn’t let us on because of the buggy. Mikaere screamed in an elevator full of people as we were going up to the ward.

We’re here for a wait. For a Consultant, and for meds.  We’ve settled in but oh. I hope we’re not here overnight. Please please powers that be, let us be spending tonight at home!


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