On the head holding

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I’m about to share a thing.  Before I do, before I share – I want you to understand that these two photos were taken in The Moment. You know what I’m talking about, right? How in The Moment everything is good and perfect and everything looks positive and rosy. I want to share with you all the positive and rosy things, because I always want to delight in these beautiful milestones.  But I want you to understand that either side of The Moment did not look like this, and that The Moment? The Moment was fleeting.

So, for a few seconds, during physio, Mikaere held his head up.

For a few seconds, he held his head up all by himself. He was able to keep his head in midline AND look to one side.

There was a moment, a beautiful beautiful moment where Mikaere smashed out another milestone, because for those few seconds, my son could hold up his own head.

This one is bittersweet, because a neuro-typical baby learns to hold their head at around the 2-3 month mark… Kai has a full year plus some on that. But you know what? Dr Doom and Gloom told us we’d never get here. That we’d never see this – my sweet boy holding up his own head.

I live for these days, the ones that contain The Moment. Today was a good day.

Side note: Not shown: the moment Kai pulled out his ng tube just before physio started. Also not shown: the screaming fit that happened at the end of physio that caused a giant vomit. Our days are always up and down.