On Getting a Second Crib for Mikaere

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We have nurses who stay up with Mikaere twice a week. Mikaere sleeps in the lounge instead of with us, and the nurses care for him throughout the night. This worked well when Mikaere was small enough to sleep on the couch, with a foam tube under a sheet to keep him away from the couch edge. Except then Mikaere’s legs grew to the point where you couldn’t sit on the couch and not get kicked.  It wasn’t until I walked in one morning to see one our elderly nurses sitting on the floor next to Mikaere that I realised this wasn’t a tenable solution.

But… I’m a bit fussy. We have a crib for Mikaere in our bedroom. A Silver Cross Ashby crib in white. It’s beautiful, well made and made in the UK. I love it. Buuut I assembled it in the bedroom and it was too big to move back and forth from the bedroom to the lounge 3-4 times a week.

So I went to go purchase a new one, except the Ashby has been discontinued. Great one, Silver Cross. The idea of having two different cribs irked the designer in me who enjoys symmetry and things that match. Very very blah.

So instead I scoured the internet, and found a lady who was an hour drive away selling hers. It wasn’t in perfect condition (seriously though, with a teething toddler what will be?) but it was close enough to be manageable. So off I went to collect it.

It was pretty solid (Silver Cross is always well made) and I was pretty happy with it. After a quick trip to B&Q, I got some non-toxic filler putty for the teeth marks and had a tin of (also non-toxic) paint colour matched and over the course of a weekend filled, sanded and painted the second crib.

And now I have two matching cribs for Mikaere. I’m pretty pleased with myself, to be honest. The things you do, hey?

It’s worked well for us, the second crib. He naps in it during the day, it’s a convenient safe place to put him down if we need to and still have him in my eyeline. And our nurses are no longer sitting on the floor.