On Standing

By 7th April 2021 April 22nd, 2021 No Comments

Mikaere has outgrown his stander. We have a walker, but it’s difficult to get him to weight bear in it, and still keep his body in alignment. It’s much easier to practice freestanding with gaiters (to keep his knees locked) and AFOs (to stop his weak-never-has-to-weight-bear ankles from collapsing). The downside is that it requires two people to support him upright in this way, so when Sam has a gap at work and Mikaere’s in a good place, we do a moment of therapy. We dance to some tunes, and wiggle our hips and raise our arms and move our bodies.

It’s not the hour in the stander the physio wants, but it’s fifteen minutes or so of actual standing, transferring weight and proper uprightness. I’ll take it. We do what we can.

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