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By 25th May 2021 June 15th, 2021 One Comment
This guy. Despite a whole year of no therapy bar us, not seeing any professional therapists and despite some minor backsliding in regards to his truncal tone, he’s doing SO WELL! We recently reintroduced weekly physio sessions with a new physio (our previous and much loved physio @lauragates82 moved away!) and Mikaere has risen to the challenge. Just LOOK AT THIS HEAD HOLDING!
I remember sitting in a room, once, learning about laser therapy and practically crying as I disclosed my fear that my baby would never hold up his own head. I worried that without head holding his ability to interact with the world would be limited (my well meaning but very ableist fears were ripe back then, and I’d soon learn how to adapt so he could engage with the world, head holding or no).
Regardless of my hopes and fears for him, I want to share just how hard he’s worked to develop his head holding skills. It is not all the time, but YOU GUYS! Just look! Is he not just the *most beautiful*? (Obvs, his pretty face is not related to his head holding ability, though I’m chuffed for him for that, too).
My mama heart, I love him so much!

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  • GJ says:

    Wow, that is one handsome face indeed 🙂 How are things in the UK? Is the end of the pandemic in sight there too? Looking forward to the next online pubquiz 🙂

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