One of those days

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Today’s been a whole day. Of seizures and vomits and screaming and unhappiness and this face, this face that says so clearly he’s feeling sorry for himself? Yeah. That’s our today.

The shit thing is that this is our status quo. And I’m torn, I’m torn between pulling back the curtain and feeling vulnerable so you can see our reality, or resisting the pull to put some kind of positive slant on it or whether I should just delete this post because to be honest, today is a hard day. It’s one hard day of many hard days, because that’s just how life with NKH goes.

It’s hard for us to continuously share the hard things. It’s hard for us to then manage other people’s sadness at our hardship. It’s hard to navigate all the feels, because at the heart of it, no one wishes we weren’t living the NKH life more than we do (watching our son suffer and not being able do anything is our own special kind of living hell).

And I could, I could paint this with the positive brush. Of what we’re grateful for and focusing on the positives, but I don’t want to diminish this… this is our reality and I don’t want to positive-pretended make it palatable for others consumption.

So, honesty then. Today’s a hard today. And honestly, I’ve never hated NKH more.

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