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I feel like we’ve got a few charity fundraisers under our belts now, but the quiz was one of my favourites – a proper good fundraising event. People came, we had a great time, we made lots of money for NKH Research.

It was a fantastic afternoon. We had two fab quiz masters (thanks Tony and Tess!) – who provided several rounds of hilarity. Some questions required some thinking but there was enough knowledge in the room that the questions could be answered (because there’s nothing worst than a quiz where you can’t answer any questions). There was a round about music, and pictures with landmarks and general knowledge. Lots of delicious pop culture questions (I’m no good at knowing the answers but I still enjoyed those rounds the best).

We even had a round about Mikaere and NKH – because how better to raising awareness about a rare disorder than making people answer questions about it? I did a bit of a spiel at the beginning of the quiz and later pulled all my questions from that content. However, there was a slight blunder when I gave an answer in a question. Faaaaail. Quiz master I’m not. It was great though, people were kind when I messed up. They also must have been paying attention, because most teams got all the questions right! High five for awareness, hey?

We had a great turn out, maybe 40-50 people? I love fundraisers, if only because our nearest and dearest make the effort to come and support all the things. It also meant that since the Quiz Mastering was taken care of by Tony + Tess, the bar by Sam + our friend Gareth managed the bar, once I’d got the food sorted (which was nothing fancy – mini cheese boards and pizza pinwheels, one for each table, assembled not even by me but by helpers (thanks Hari and Becky!!) I got to sit with Mikaere and chat. Full, proper conversations, with adults, actual friends, with nowhere else to be. (Isolation: it’s a thing). I drank my full of social goodness, it was amazing. So many wonderful people came – we’re blessed. Seriously.

Thank you to everyone who came. You guys are the best. We’re also thankful to Chris and Majestic Wines in Putney for helping with the wine/beer. We’re grateful and even more grateful to the people who bought it (it made for a very cherry winter afternoon).

Thanks to everyone who donated the prizes and the items for the raffles. Thank you to Tony and Tess for organising and for the generosity of everyone on the day. We managed to raise £1450 on the night, which will be matched (!!!) to a total of £2900. Not bad for an afternoon, hey?

These funds are all going to Joseph’s Goal to help towards NKH Research, and the gene therapy work done by Prof. Nick Greene in progress at UCL.

We’re so hopeful for a gene therapy cure. Thanks everyone who came for helping with that hope – we love you guys. What an amazing afternoon. Stay tuned for more fundraisers throughout the year. We’re thinking the next one should be a wine tasting – who’s in?

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