On hearing good news

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It’s a habit I’ve fallen into. When we talk to our medical team, so much is framed with what Kai *can’t* do. He can’t hold up his head, he doesn’t have good tone, he can’t do this, that and the other thing. His brain is broken and seizures and blah. Keep him comfortable, wait for the inevitable – we’re to expect a deterioration, did I know? I’m so primed to hear bad news when we see someone that before we even go in I prepare myself – ready to go into battle for my little guy.

So when our Osteopath mentioned today that each visit, Kai has been making solid progress, and it wasn’t necessarily down to osteo. She said that Kai is more and more aware of his surroundings, and his environment. That he’s showing more interest in whats happening around him, and that it was a delight to see (it was a delight, really. Kai had spent the previous five minutes batting at her hand and gurgling at her).

I think part of it is the negative framing, but also – I don’t see the progress. I’m so close, with him all day every day. It’s like when someone says’s he’s grown – I’m glad he’s grown, but I wouldn’t notice it myself unless I’m looking back at photos. My mental image of Kai is all up to date, with exactly where he is now.

It’s nice to hear a positive statement about Kai’s development – it’s nice to hear something other than globally delayed and significantly impaired intellectual functioning.

Because really, that’s all I want to do. Gush about how beautiful and wonderful he is.

Isn’t he just the most wonderful?

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