On the Rock Choir fundraiser

By 28th April 2017 No Comments

Kai’s grandma sings in the Dunstable Rock Choir, and they held an informal concert with raffle for NKH research. 

Oh. My. Days.

I’m a bit overwhelmed. It was a lovely concert, with lots of fun tunes. Kai enjoyed it, kicking happily to the first few tunes before giving over to sleep. We had the opportunity to speak mid concert and Sam did. It was emotional. Telling a hall full of people that our little baby, the baby that’s just right here with the beautiful chubby cheeks has a terminal disorder with limited treatment options… that was rough. Both Sam and I were felt pretty emotionally raw, sharing these tough things with a hall full of strangers, but we were so well received. 

There was so much love. So many people stopped to talk to us, and so many people donated, either by buying from the raffle, donating to the raffle, or by putting money into the bucket. We raised a staggering £700 in a night! £850, if you count the donations that came in after.

I can’t even begin to share how much that night meant to us, as a little family. Having such an overwhelming positive response from so many people, having so many people donate towards research. Having so many people say hey, we believe in a future for your baby, and we want to help. It was intense. 

We’re so grateful. Thank to you to the choir, thanks to everyone who came out, thank you to everyone who donated. We’re so so thankful. 

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